Liangyun Equestrian Club

Dalian Liangyun Equestrian Club ltd. is the high-end equestrian recreational program belonged to Liangyun Group and it is dedicated to promote the modern equestrian all around the country. It is also the initiator and executive director of Dalian Equestrian Association. Besides, it has built the equestrian sport team of Liaoning province under the dedication of Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau and participate in the equestrian matches of National Games on behalf of Liaoning Province. Equestrian is also recognized as the “ first noble sport” and Riding earns the reputation as king of sports. Liangyun equestrian club is determined to combine the fun of sport and the nobility of equestrian and make this sport become the gene of the happiness of Chinese families. The club plans to create over 30 professional clubs in China containing children theater, bilingual coaching, food&beverage and other leisure activities as the value added services. Liangyun tries to build up an equestrian themed national chain brand for the family recreational holidays.

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